Betty Blackmail Band

Betty Blackmail Band is a four-piece electric blues band from Norway, the land of the ice and snow. The band is centered around the strong, distinctive and soulful female voice of lead singer Berit "Betty Blackmail" Hanssen, good songs and playful live performances. The band is an energetic and hard-hitting live act, performing original material and interpretations in their own special way - raw, blue, emotional and dynamically performed. 

Betty Blackmail Band saw the light of day in it's current configuration sometime during the summer of 2017. The band had already released an album under a different name by then, and as the band hit the studio they decided to re-release the first album, "Hands All Dirty", under the new name of the band. The album was well received, and got airtime all over the world - Spain, France, England, Germany and last but not least the U.S.A. gave it quite a bit of attention. The follow-up album, "Murky Waters"(2018), was even better received, and the bands popularity has been steadily rising after the second release. Betty Blackmail Band is currently working on another album, release date to be set at a later stage (we'll keep you posted!).

The band is first and foremost a live-band, and nothing can quite replace the ambience and power of the band's concerts. Betty Blackmail Band is touring and gigging all year round, and would be happy to play anywhere in the world (or elsewhere! ;-) ) if at all feasable. See you on the road somewhere!