New single and music video, "Remember Me" out now!

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John Nilsen signs with Collision Drumsticks (Oct. 2019

John has just signed an endorsement deal with Collision drumsticks. We welcome the brand to the Betty Blackmail Band team!

Nilsen says he is stoked about signing this deal with his favourite brand of drumsticks.

New record in the pipeline

Betty and her musicians has started the process of making and recording songs for another album - the album will become the band's third release. A release date is not set for the time being, but it is anticipated sometime during 2020.

"Murky Waters" album hits 120 000    (Sept. 2019)

The BBB album "Murky Waters" has this month passed 120 000 spins on Spotify! Not bad for a little blues band from the middle of nowhere - Betty says keep it loud and proud! :-) 

In a nutshell.jpg
Betty Blackmail Band on US TV screens! (May 2019)

For those with access to the US TV-networks - tune in and have a peek @ In A Nutshell TV-show from Chicago saturday 25th. of May

Quoting the TV host: "Thank you so much for allowing us the use of Hands All Dirty, an excellent music-video! It is included in the show to be aired this coming "late, late Friday" in TV-land talk , actually 2:00 AM Saturday (Chicago time)."

So there you go - just tune in and rock out!